Our History:

"Midorino-to Greens Japan" ( "Greens Japan") was founded in July, 2012. We contested the July 2013 election, fielding 10 candidates with our goal being to implement Green Style Policies for Japan which emphasize responsibility towards future generations and a society based on trust. Regrettably, none of our candidates succeeded in winning a seat in the parliament.

In its first general assembly on the July 28, 2012, Greens Japan released our founding declaration, constitution, our vision for society and key policies in addition to electing our executive committee and deciding our platform for the 2013 Upper House election campaign.

Following the election, we held our second general assembly on September 28th and 29th, 2013 and it was at this time that we committed ourselves to contest the 2015 nationwide local council elections and the 2016 Upper House election. In our third general assembly in February, 2014, the party drastically amended its constitution and bylaws to strengthen local party branches as well as reforming the entire party structure.

The rules of Greens Japan stipulate that co-representatives, board members and national council members should be elected by taking into account localities, activity areas and age demographics, as well as 50 percent quota for female representation.

Greens Japan aims to put global interests before national ones. We are a member of the Global Greens (founded in 2001), an international organization which emphasizes international co-operation with Green parties in 90 countries and regions.


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