【Statement】 Greens Japan condemns violence by ISIS -- Strongly oppose Abe …

Greens Japan condemns violence by ISIS -- Strongly oppose Abe administration's strategy in its divide and conquer by force

February 2nd, 2015
Executive committee of Greens Japan,

We are deeply saddened on the news report that Kenji Goto has been killed by a group claimed as ISIS-sympathizers which have held him hostage and reportedly killed another hostage, Haruna Yukawa, also a Japanese national. Mr. Goto, a reputable journalist who specializes reporting people suffering under armed conflict without regard to his own safety, have left us with so many great contributions not only for the journalism but also for the peaceful world. But we have lost him.

Such an act as killing unarmed civilians, including Goto, by the group cannot be forgiven. No condemnation could be enough. We extend our condolences to journalists and civilians who lost their lives to the group, concern those many citizens threatened by violence and oppression. We must point out that no one should have any bias or hostility against Muslim in general.
Armed conflicts in this region have many causes including poverty and inequality but ignoring dirty shade of that the western states cast by providing arms and money is very bad idea. Those states fuels division among people to extend their dominance over the region long after their colonial control. That created and perpetuated the chain of violence with the detriments for local populace. We must act properly, if our government really pursue Proactive Contribution to Peace, to break this vicious circle by harmonizing divided people and helping them secure peaceful lives.
Japanese government could give the humanitarian aids of two billion dollars to international agencies or NGOs promoting negotiations for peace instead of giving to state entities eventually worsening conflicts with ISIS. (The worst timing? for what, why, how?)
We regret to hear that Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said "to hold them responsible for their deplorable acts" in official language but his Japanese statement was akin to "terrorist shall pay for the crime." He apparently ignores suffering people in Syria and Iraq, has no interest in resolving conflict or pursue regional peace, but allows continuing status quo while fueling arms race instead. His words are not in isolation but in the context of his pro-military policies like collective self-defense and channeling ODA money into military aids. Abe administration is one of the worst mobs against peace and security of Japan, Asia, or the world. We urge him to change his attitude fundamentally.

Lastly, we strictly condemn the violence of the ISIS and we call all parties to participate in the reconciliation process toward lasting peace away from domination and subordination. All greens across 90 countries work vigorously with all peace-loving fellow citizens for conflict resolution by dialogues and mutual understandings, and constructing the just society.

Japanese https://greens.gr.jp/seimei/13920/

[translated by translator team of Greens Japan]
Special thanks to F.O