【Statement】After seeing the decision of Fukui District Court (April 14, 2015)

-After seeing the decision of Fukui District Court on April 14-
Give up the nuclear power and change the energy policy drastically

April 14th, 2015
Executive Committee of Greens Japan,

Today, Fukui District Court made a provisional injunction that orders Kansai electric power corporation (KEPCO) must not operate the Takahama Nuclear Power Station Units 3 and 4 reactors. In this injunction, Fukui District Court said “The reasonableness which is required for new regulation standard is that, it is so rigid that if a nuclear power plant is fit for the standard there is no fear for severe accidents.” and “New regulation standard (which Nuclear Regulation Authority established) lacks the reasonableness.” Electric power corporations and the government must deeply learn from the injunction which denied the reasonableness of the new regulation standard.

Formerly, in the lawsuits on nuclear power, courts had been adopted arguments of the government and electric power corporations, and had been denied the plaintiff’s opinion in most cases. But, on May 21 2014, Fukui district court presented the historical judgment which ordered KEPCO must not operate the Ooi Nuclear Power Station Units 3 and 4 reactors, pointing that earthquakes larger than electric power corporation’s expect hit the nuclear plants for several times in only several years, that important instruments for cool down the nuclear reactor is not regarded as S(=most important) class, and that rights of humanity is given higher position than the freedom of economic activity of electric power corporation in Japanese constitution.

On the injunction of Ootsu District Court on Nov 2014, though it denied the needs of injunction (the urgency that makes unable to wait the judgment because while waiting the judgment, plaintiff’s rights may be lost) because Nuclear Regulation Authority hasn’t permitted the Ooi and Takahama nuclear plant yet, about the risk of nuclear plant, it also presented the similar recognition as the judgment of Fukui District Court.

Nevertheless, Nuclear Regulation Authority permitted the operation of Takahama nuclear plant, without reviewing the problem of regulation standard that Fukui District Court judgment pointed, and ignoring the opinion of Ootsu District Court which practically required the Nuclear Regulation Authority to discuss carefully. On the point of check and balance of three national power (Diet, Cabinet, and Courts), there is a big problem. But, for the last time, the legal effect which stops the nuclear power plant immediately occurred.

Why plural courts pointed the risk of operation of nuclear power? The human rights. Many citizen’s opinion which faced with severe damages of Fukushima-Daiichi nuclear power disaster. On this historical day which passed 4 years since ”March 11,2011 ”, we swear that we’re always be with victims of the disasters and that not to repeat this environmental tragedy, change the energy policy drastically and reform the society system to what is sustainable and suitable with ripe nature rhythm.

We, Greens Japan, on this national wide local elections, act against the operation of nuclear power plants and create the ecological society all over Japan.

※ Uiko Hasegawa and Namiho Matsumoto, co-representive of Greens Japan are members of nine plaintiffs on this decision. And Kazuhiro Kasahara, former counsilor of Greens Japan, is member of plaintiff’s attorneys on this decision.

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