【Statement】Greens Japan formal declaration on the occasion of passage of “Military” laws (September 19, 2015)

【Statement】Grassroots activism and political action: Our appeal for abolition of the “Military” laws and the defeat of the Abe administration


September 19, 2015
Executive Committee of Greens Japan

In the early hours of September 19th, Japan’s ruling coalition government forced Japanese Prime minister Shinzo Abe’s proposed security related laws through the Upper House plenary session despite the tremendous objection of many opposition parties, a vast majority of academics and legal professionals and citizens from all over the country. The following is a list of decisions that the Abe cabinet has committed to. In making these decisions, no consideration was given regarding their fairness or constitutionality. Amongst other actions, they have:
•appointed personnel to the Cabinet Legislation Bureau in a manner that was contrary to democratic practice.
•permitted the use of the collective self defense right if necessary,
•explained the principles underpinning the Security laws and the purpose for their creation along with their contents and passed them.

This series of irresponsible acts are a literal “coup d'etat” committed by the Abe administration against the Constitution and democracy and thusly, we strongly protest them. For the past few days, fearing tremendous gathering of opposing citizens around the parliament building, the government and police authority have heightened security measures and this has resulted in some Japanese citizens being arrested unlawfully. We also protest the use of such excessive security and unjustified suppression in order to allow the administration to run roughshod over the parliamentary process.

As we have previously declared, we will continue to register our protest against these laws despite their successful passage. Many lawyers, local chief executives and assembly members have already started preparing a lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of the laws. We must stop these laws from being implemented by having them repealed. We must also seek to depose Prime Minister Abe; the individual responsible for bringing about one of the biggest crises that post war Japan has experienced. An Upper House Election will be held around summer next year. In order to prevail over the Abe administration and LDP and Komeito, who have trampled on the Constitution and democracy through the passage of these laws, we need a brand new framework of cooperation between parties that overcomes the feuds of the past. The abovementioned objectives and goals are not only those of Greens Japan but also for all of the numerous citizens who oppose the “Military” laws and the Abe government We call on all political parties and organizations to join us in our efforts to actively engage with the people in listening to their hopes, whilst extending further the networks that have been established recently all over the country. In addition to this, we should strive to create a new political framework to transform what is in the realms of hopeful to the sphere of reality.

We take this opportunity to yet again protest the Abe administration and governing coalition and the unjust way that they have passed these laws. We also wish to take this opportunity to salute all of the groups, organizations and individuals who continue to mobilize public opinion against these “Military” laws. We express our solidarity with them and our determination to act further.

The following statement was translated by Greens Japan's translation team and proofread on a gratis basis by a member of the Australian Greens (Victorian Branch), Glen Cowan on behalf of Greens Japan.

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