【Statement】We still oppose 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo, Japan

【Statement】We still oppose 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo, Japan

March 9, 2021
Steering Committee of Greens Japan

(This statement is translated from Feb. 12, 2021 Statement (in Japanese)*1).

Once postponed for a year, 2020 Tokyo games are planned to take place this summer. We strongly oppose the games which is said to show the world that Japan has been 'recovered' from 2011 Fukushima nuclear disasters, not only because Tokyo games would cover up ongoing human tragedies and societal damages from that disasters but also we have seen so many Olympics heavily commercialized, incompatible with human dignity, hostile to the earth's environment, and totally unsustainable(*2). 

The International Olympic Committee and its counterpart in Japan have shown themselves as incompetent for conducting the games prudently when they mishandle misogynistic statements by Yoshiro Mori, the former head of Tokyo Organizing Committee.

While the COVID-19 pandemic shows no signs to subside here, increasing number of people call for cancellation of this unrealistic Olympic games for they fear increased infection, larger demands to the medical infrastructure, and toll on regular medical accesses should the games take place. How can you assure fair competitions at the games when so much medical resources, including vaccines, are distributed around the world unevenly, which further erode equity in participation and training environment for any athletes?

Humanity must deal with dual crises: the climate and pandemic. Our valuable resources and social infrastructures are to resolve these crises, not to waste on Olympics. We urge Japanese government to redirect much more resources to these problems away from Olympics.

Olympics must be canceled now and the government have to cleanup the mess that has been created while having promoted the games.


(*1) https://greens.gr.jp/seimei/29560/

(*2) On the 9th anniversary of the Fukushima Nuclear Power Station accident

March 11, 2020, https://greens.gr.jp/english/27726/